Emma is passionate about encouraging young people to find their voice and build confidence in their own imaginations and abilities, which is why she established the Young Writers’ Prize, as part of The Bournemouth Writing Prize at Fresher Publishing .  She has also recently started a charity called The Story Works, with another writer, which aims to build young people’s confidence with words.

Personally, she likes to uncover stories and write about very normal but strong women (who sometimes don’t realize how strong they are), and how they manage to overcome the challenges that life throws their way. The stories aren’t about world-changing events – there are no serial killers, spies or earthquakes  –  but they are about the sort of events that can really rock people’s personal lives, such as adultery, divorce, menopause, ageing parents, adoption, difficult teenagers and, of course, love. I’m also an amateur painter, and love putting words and images together to create something beautiful.


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